SC throws down glove

The supreme court has given the government till January 27th to respond to the earlier ruling to reduce fuel prices to 100 rupees. I guess everyone calling the supreme court wimps kind of inspired them to assert themselves a little. No wait, scrap that. Everyone taking for granted that the supreme courts are wimps must have got to them.

So now they have given the government an ultimatum. And the government can react in one of three ways as I see it.

1) Ignore the SC

2) Buy for time

3) Tell them to sod off


4) Actually reduce the price of petrol.

That number 4 well, seems pretty unlikely at the present. But it is ardently hoped for. There is a sense of strange satisfaction seeing a hundred rupees translated into exactly one litre of petrol. Telling you exactly how far you can go, depending on what car you drive. Ah. Plus it's cheaper.

i think, most likely, number three two will happen. A few days complaining about the lack of paper in photocopy machines, giving out complicated instructions for the aquisition of petrol (i dont think any 3 wheel driver so far is really enjoying his full quota of 100 rupee petrol) making the hassle of actually getting it more costly to the indivudual than the savings he would make.

Number one or three, especially number three, and the shit really hits the fan and just splatters all over our pathetic faces.