Dialog Says NO to Anarkali

In more news, everybody’s favorite and Sri Lanka’s golden girl Anarkali Akarsha has suffered another blow. Sources at Dialog Telekom have revealed that there has been a directive from senior management to immediately remove all branding and promotional items containing the model/actress.

Anarkali’s pay packet was rumored to have been numbered in the millions and the Telekom giant is said to be the main catalyst behind her somewhat meteoric rise to fame after winning the Miss. Sri Lanka pageant and representing the country in the Miss. World stage.

Her recent mix-up with politician Duminda Silva seems to have cast doubts on her marketability and this seems to be the main reason behind Dialog’s decision. Although it remains to be seen if it is going to be a permanent measure or not, but according to what I heard, that does seem to be the case.

Anarkali (or Anar) has been surrounded by controversy as of late and at a time when the telecom market is increasing in competitivity and firms get increasingly sensitive towards consumer needs and reactions Dialog’s decision would appear to be quite rational in the light of Anar’s former appeal especially in rural areas.

Bio fuels burn human lives

Oxfam says so-called green policies in developed countries are contributing to the world's soaring food prices, which hit the poor hardest. The group also says bio fuels will do nothing to combat climate change. (more)

Developed countries are increasingly investing on bio fuels as an alternative to traditional energy sources and this is driving up demand for food. Further, if the prices for fuel crops exceed that of food prices, the food in question will obviously be sold to make bio fuels.

Brazil especially has been an outspoken advocate for the use of bio fuels and claims that it does not affect food prices or supply in an adverse way, Oxfam begs to differ though, claiming that up to 30 million of the worlds people have been affected already.

It seems that in its eagerness to get on with trend of enviro-friendliness and clean energy, the world is losing touch with the basics. We are acting like kids with a new toy it seems. Bio fuels are not sustainable; to meet the current energy demand with bio fuels alone would mean the use of almost all the food crop in production right now.

We need some better ideas please?

ITS ALIVE! The BMW GINA philosophy: Flexibility to the Max!

Car afficionado's have been talking non stop about this brand new baba. made out of cloth they say and maaaan, i just Love the way the hood operates. it winks, changes shape from a muscly brute to a sleek lean mean driving machine (probably at the press of a button..) BMW sure came up with a shaker.

But it remains to be seen how long its gonna take for it to actually hit production. my feelings is its gonna be a bit too delicate for most environments and myt cost a fortune to maintain. its a concept of a concept and will revolutionalize car design in the future, but the technology is way too expensive for commercial production as yet.

as for safety measures, performance specs etc nothing is for certain. And we will have to wait for some years yet to see exactly what kind of monster BMW will bury beneath that sexy hood. But for now we have this cool video to watch coutesy the German carmaker. Do check it out.

Anarkali now threatened by Duminda..Stop the Presses!

This is great i tell you, Finally some real tabloid style news stories over here..

Renowned film actress and singer Anarkali Akarsha yesterday accused ruling party western provincial councillor Duminda Silva of threatening to kill her and her mother if she refused to marry him.

The death threat allegation came following an incident at Elibank Road yesterday where it was alleged an attempt was made to abduct the actress when she in the company of her mother, was proceeding to keep an appointment at the Ramani Salon.

Silva and Akarsha were said to be in a relationship which had turned sour after the provincial councillor had reportedly started ill treating her.

The Morning Leader learns the actress had through her mother made arrangements to meet a senior lawyer tomorrow to get a restraining order against Silva.

Informed sources said Akarsha s mother had alleged, Silva had assaulted her daughter prompting her to part ways. She had also alleged, Silva was refusing to end the relationship. Silva it is learned had denied the charges levelled against him and claimed the actress owed him Rs. 5 million which was the cause of the dispute.

Yesterday afternoon a group of vehicles with several armed security personnel had surrounded the vehicle in which the actress was at Elibank Road, forced her out of the vehicle and tried to abduct her, while she was on her way for an appointment at the Ramani Salon at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

Akarsha had convinced the goon squad to (read more...)

Whats next? The Anarkali and Duminda sex tape? although i dont think this whole episode smacks of a cheap publicity stunt (ref: Jordan, Paris, Kim etc etc.), did you know that they were living together?? chee..i can picture the aunties with their hands on their chins gossipping away right now.. whats your take on it?

US defends Afghan border strike

Yesterday 11 Pakistani troops fell to US ‘friendly fire’ and died pursuing US interests. The Pentagon dismissed and defended the strike effectively saying it was their own fault for not having ‘proper communication’

I mean God forbid the Pakistani’s accidentally gunned down and bombed and killed 11 US soldiers. Then the pentagon would be all over the bloody place. I mean, when a country is your ally you take care not to shoot them accidentally in the battlefield, or am I seriously not in with the times here?

To blame it on communications is an absurdity in itself. The US was at fault for invading the border of Pakistan so they should have obtained the necessary clearance in the first place. The only problem in ‘communication’ would seem to have been with the US who seem to think it polite to just barge into anyone’s country and carry out any old military operation as they see fit.

Retaliation from the Pakistani end is not likely to be substantially outraged enough because of Pakistan’s Us policy having literally sold it’d soul to the US over the last few years of Pervez Musharraff’s rule. This coupled with the extremely unstable socio-political-legal environment in Pakistan will make it extremely difficult for them to unify internally for a strong message to the USA. Pakistan has to assert their authority and the importance of their sovereignty to the international community to avoid being treated like the Uncle Sam’s little bitch (excuse the expletive).

The destabilization of Pakistan’s internal environment seems to have given the US vast liberties when it comes to cross border operations which have been going on for quite a long time resulting in a lot of unwarranted deaths. The US is making use out of a unstable situation to maximize their advantage. Or have they created that advantage and played a hidden role in Pakistan’s destabilization in itself?

Read the BBC report here.