US defends Afghan border strike

Yesterday 11 Pakistani troops fell to US ‘friendly fire’ and died pursuing US interests. The Pentagon dismissed and defended the strike effectively saying it was their own fault for not having ‘proper communication’

I mean God forbid the Pakistani’s accidentally gunned down and bombed and killed 11 US soldiers. Then the pentagon would be all over the bloody place. I mean, when a country is your ally you take care not to shoot them accidentally in the battlefield, or am I seriously not in with the times here?

To blame it on communications is an absurdity in itself. The US was at fault for invading the border of Pakistan so they should have obtained the necessary clearance in the first place. The only problem in ‘communication’ would seem to have been with the US who seem to think it polite to just barge into anyone’s country and carry out any old military operation as they see fit.

Retaliation from the Pakistani end is not likely to be substantially outraged enough because of Pakistan’s Us policy having literally sold it’d soul to the US over the last few years of Pervez Musharraff’s rule. This coupled with the extremely unstable socio-political-legal environment in Pakistan will make it extremely difficult for them to unify internally for a strong message to the USA. Pakistan has to assert their authority and the importance of their sovereignty to the international community to avoid being treated like the Uncle Sam’s little bitch (excuse the expletive).

The destabilization of Pakistan’s internal environment seems to have given the US vast liberties when it comes to cross border operations which have been going on for quite a long time resulting in a lot of unwarranted deaths. The US is making use out of a unstable situation to maximize their advantage. Or have they created that advantage and played a hidden role in Pakistan’s destabilization in itself?

Read the BBC report here.