Change A Coming??

We are just a few days away from the US presidential elections people and Obama just launched a half hour television commercial. Later on we are going to be all about how Obama, probably the candidate with the toughest chance at winning, grabbed the oval office by the sheer power of a stupendous marketing campaign. Probably the most effective in the history of the presidential elections since time immemorial etc. etc.

But is this chap really going to win? I remember asking indi about this once. Back when Obama had just managed to catch up with Hillary in the democratic primaries and was struggling to maintain a marginal lead, when it looked unlikely that he would do so, and when many a pundit was talking about how Hillary will just rise back up after a ‘temporary setback’. Indi seemed pretty confident that he would win the primary, and I think that he’s pretty much confident that he’s gonna pull off the presidential campaign as well and personally, I think I'm with him. (Indi, I hope you don’t mind the airtime and content.)

But is Obama really going to make a change? Is he really going to turn the world as we know it upside down? Or will he have more of a ‘Sarkozy affect’ (my own term) and simply strengthen politically the power of America and take practical positive steps to push forward the economy? Time will tell I suppose.
Meanwhile, ominous notions of John F. Kennedy-esque assassinations circulate (and I don’t mean dumbasses like these). JFK was a reformist, possibly the best thing that happened to the States in the context of genuinely ‘wholesome’ global policy. Obama seems to have built his campaign on top of reformist pro-change rhetoric (As for his foriegn policy, well, McCain just may be striking a soft spot or two IMHO), will he practice it?  And if he does, will he have to pay for it? After all, as a friend of mine said, he’s just the president. Or will be, if McCain doesn’t win, or the ‘aliens’ decide to grab him or kill him with oh say, two bullets before the elections.