Clean Energy by 2010; Will Marketing save the World?

I just read this awesome blog post on clean energy and Al Gore's ominous target of achieving all energy from green sources in 10 years. Sure i dont think scientists alone can achieve such a goal alone. Besides with the majority of the world struggling for their very survival investing what little income they get on greener sources of energy mught seem impractical.

But in raising funds from the rich and affluent classes by invoking a guilty sense of responsibility towards the health of the planet, marketing and entreprneurship can probably play a great role. Transferring some of the economic imbalance towards saving the planet sounds a great idea to me. if the Richies can be coerced to part with their dough, then maybe they could make the world a better place for the rest of it's population, or at least prevent it from being a much worse place in a few years.
Have a look at it here.


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