Agent Orange; wreaking havoc through the annals of time.

From 1961 to 1970 the US military heavily sprayed the South of Vietnam with a powerful herbicide and a defoliant known by the codename Agent Orange. It is estimated that up to 80000 cubic meters of the stuff were sprayed over the shrub, crop and jungle areas of South Vietnam to destroy what cover that the Vietnamese rebels had. The spraying was harsh and unchecked, hell, it’s the US military doing it, the world always bends over backwards to avoid calling them wrong.

The results are here to be seen up to this day. The victims of the toxins (dioxins produced by the degradation of AO) released by this substance live up to this day and their offspring show various signs of genetic deformation even two generations later. According to the Vietnamese Government there are still up to 4.8 million Vietnamese people thought to be victims of Agent Orange. One wonders at the total number of victims. But of course no exact body counts of the total Vietnamese casualties are available from the war because Uncle Sam didn’t really care as to how many died as long as they could ‘shoot some Vietcong’. However, there are precise numbers available of US casualties during the war.

These people and their descendants mostly live mainly in a mountainous area bordering Cambodia and suffer in sub-standard conditions and various genetic diseases. The full scale of the Vietnamese impact of Agent Orange is not widely available to be read in English due to most of the research having been conducted by Vietnamese scientists, but to get an idea of what I am talking about have a look at these moving images on flickr.

And does the US care? Not a chance in hell. They have already gone on to inflict atrocities of a horrendous nature on several other peoples in this world, and are still at it. And this happened, after all, even after the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which shows their utter lack of remorse. Their latest excuse? Fighting terror. Well, fighting terror is one thing, but terror does beget terror and the world would probably be a much better place to live in if countries like the US (UK, Germany etc.) stopped their own brand of terrorism. A brand of terrorism disguised as the defense of the human race only by the sheer power of propaganda.

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