Change.. or opression?

There has been an influx of new rules and regulations, mostly seemingly meaningless, imposed upon the general public.

Take new motor traffic regulations. Some of the stuff I’ve heard belies all logic, like the imposition of restrictions on modifications. Let’s not even go near the banning of cell phones in schools which is obviously a badly thought out knee jerk reaction that bears almost no consequence on the actual issue. Even the 'porno rules' strike me as absurd, seeing as only a few locally visited smut sites have been removed.

But what the purpose these outcries are serving, intentionally or not, is to divert the public's attention away from the important issues. Like the political situation; is there any serious reform going to happen? What of the pro devolution and anti executive presidency lobby? It’s turned into a pro-porno one. And let’s not even talk about economic development; we can leave that in the expert hands of the government's mathematicians

What about all the dead bodies turning up, again? Sure we may say that it is a good thing because most of them are apparent gangsters. but do we seriously think that this is an idealistically motivated killing spree? I think it’s just about control. Whoever is instigating these killings, and I’m not accusing anyone, is aiming at consolidating power. The drug industry fills the coffers of a lot of people and, on a completely unrelated note, rumour has it that Potta Naufer is driven by the police to his home every night to enjoy his mothers meals.

Meanwhile, no one in power is going to stop sending their kids to school without phones; neither are they going to stop jerking off to the internet, doing drugs, dealing drugs, driving souped up cars without seatbelts and engaging in other general abuses of power.


Anonymous said...

Glad you noticed it, at least not everyone is blind.

By the time people wake up it will be too late; indeed it is too late even now.

The machinery is in place to ensure rule for another generation or two.

The Puppeteer said...

More conspiracy theories! Yay! =P
So your stance is that the government isn't as daft as they seem on the surface?

Got to agree with you there. It's plain to see that they're simply diversionary tactics.

But I suppose most are blinded by their illusory measures...
The government is preying on the ignorance of the people! What government doesn't, eh? =P

Anonymous said...

Reviving the Press Council, which has powers to jail journalists (no need to take them to court) in addition to finding various excuses to start censoring the internet looks sinister.

This is in addition to periodically denouncing various journalists/newspapers.

This is then followed by attacks on TV stations/journalists which are never solved.

A crackdown on the underworld is announced and dead bodies start turning up everywhere.

Now lawyers have been named as traitors. Wonder what happens next?

An opposition politician has also been killed. By who Nobody knows.

The doctors who were not taken into custody (as per the police and military- it was the GMOA said they were in custody) appear out of the blues two months later at press conference and confess that they were forced to cook up numbers and then vanish again. If they have admitted then they can be released? or charged?