UN to press for access

The UN, in the wake of the visit of Mr. Ban Ki Moon has said that they will press for access to the IDP camps. Overall i think this is a very good thing. Now obviously there are reasons why the government is not allowing them in but we are hearing of goings on in IDP camps that smack of horrible things. These people need help, and it is our duty to ensure they get it.

There is the question of children being abducted from the IDP camps, strories of horrible crimes being conducted by the various paramilitary groups afilliated with the army, who apparently enjoy unfettered access to these camps. I saw a BBC write up on this on Thursday but havent been able to locate it since.

The thing is, if the government has nothing to hide, they should allow the UN in, let them at least establish a firm presence to distribute aid, afterall, we dont need no peacekeeping forces there right?

Processing with regard to possible child soldiers is important but hell man, you cant follow these cloak and dagger abduction policies with kids! why can't a transparent processing procedure be implemented now that the 'war is over' so that everyone can ensure these kids are given the proper care and attention they need?

More horrifying are the stories that some kids are being kidnapped for ransom. Ransome! and mothers are sometimes able to negotiate their release then and there by trading what little jewellery they posess.

There is no smoke without fire, and this may all be deemed to be nothing less than fabrications. But credible/ semi-credible reports and rumours won't fly around without anything to back them up.

We can't also forget that terror begets terror. And the foundations have to be set right away to avoid another ethnic conflict ever occuring on this island again. Then there may be cause for some real celebration too.


aufidius said...

very well written! i understand the euphoria of having "won the war"..most of the masses are ignorant of snippets of information some of us have access to ,hence there sometimes does not even come a reason/opportunity for these euphoric masses to question their conscience, cant blame them. But i feel aghast when i see people who have access a plethora of conflicting info and yet dont worry about questioning things.

I have always maintained the fact that this war is a symptom of a disease, and treating the symptom by no means will cure the disease.

And many ppl who dont see the larger picture are celebrating with only a symptom being mitigated. As important as it is that the symptom should be mitigated to catalyse the process of complete cure - stopping at only the symptom being reduced can be catastrophic.

Despite all claims of the government tackleing indian hegemonic policies well, i wont overlook the fact that there are 60 million tamils just 23 km away from Jaffna. And Tamil Nadu will have a big say in future politics.

Another thing that causes me a bit of a concern is if age old names of roads in the north will be renamed to sinhalese names, crediting perhaps individuals in the armed forces. That will really cause pain and fester negative thoughts amongst the tamils, however innocent they may be. I had this argument with an idiot yesterday and he was saying, if Bombay can become Mumbai and Calcutta can become Kolkata why not change names in Jaffna.

For those who may comment after me, bear in mind that i love my country and would be euphoric when we have cause for celeberation...I am a patriot and will go to the furthest to do what i can for my country..but i may not perhaps be the "prototype" patriot which some others want me to be for political gains.

TheWhacksteR said...

Thanks mate..The thing about the roads does bring in some scary thoughts to me too. A friend (MP) and i were recently thinking what a good thing it would be to make Tamil a national language now..

About the information. Wel yes it could be because they dont have access to some of the information. But on the other hand it could aslo be because of their ignorance. and their blind acceptance of whatever the state media tells them, there should at least be a general awareness that another side to the story exists, but unfortunately most people are not aware of choose to be unwaware of the fact.

You're right about the influence of the Indians. But the Congress party was largely supportive of the Governments policies. lets hope they use their influence to also ensure more freedom and equality as well!