Bring the violence, insignificant.

Violence seems to have taken over the world man. We as human beings have an amazing capacity for evil. Inside each one of us there's a Ripper waiting to break out. We're not born this way. It's our lives and how we live it that shape us, so next time you look in the mirror, know that there's a devil inside just waiting to jump out.

I was just watching this jarring video clip. What makes ordinary university students act so brutally? probably a petty territorial dispute? The e-mail warned 'not for the faint of heart!' so i'll simply transmit that message to you. Please share any insight below.


indi said...

wow, wtf. Where is this? This is India right? I was watching this NatGeo doc on Chimpanzees eating other tribes babies and shit and it reminds me of

Anonymous said...

holy shit.. this is fucked up.. wat the hell r the cops doing.. bloody bastards!!

Foxhound said...

This is why I don't believe in groups. The larger the group... the dumber people get. The more likely they are to stop thinking for themselves and play follow the leader.

It's sad really... the loss of rational thought that all these people would have if they were alone.

TheWhacksteR said...

Indi - yep i think its in india, based on he look and feel of it. Thats some wierd form of population control then.

The Unsilent - the cops are maybe the most disgusting part of the whole thing

Fox - You're right man. Its the collective group mentality probably