Sweep ticket dealers needing a bit of luck?

So the All Island Lottery Dealers' Society (AILDS) is going to strike on Thursday and bring to a standstill one of the main contributors to the Sri Lankan economy is it? 35 million in revenues per day im told. taken at an average of 10 bucks a sweep ticket. thats 3.5 million sweep tickets sold per day and i suppose it would be safe to assume that approximately 3.5 million people buy those tickets (excluding the few who are more addicted and maybe blow a good proportion of their paycheck on them).

whats my point? well i dont really have one to tell you the truth, except to explore this whole business of sweep ticket selling and how it affects a country like ours. So lets see, the AILDB (The dealers netwok) says that they are currently only entitled to 1.5% of the revenues from a ticket and out of that, 1.35% goes to the sweep ticket seller. so out of 35 million thats about an average of Rs. 525,000 for the dealer network and about Rs.472,500 for the ticket sellers as a whole, per day.

Well do the math and consider the massive amounts of tickets sellers that the dealer network has an it is pretty apparent that they only make a pittance compared to the total revenue generated by the lotteries board. After the planned increase if ticket prices this might change and double their revenues. So that would probably keep them happy.

Meanwhile, the lottery board continues to contribute to the economy and infrastructure of the country and also dish out gazillions to the occasional jackpot winner. So that is the current set-up and it doesnt look like its going to change any time soon.
I wonder how much of these 'funds' are being absorbed by corruption though eh