The Status of the World

Corporate mergers, acquisitions, Libertarian (or whatever) Party Presidential Candidates, Food Crises, Earth Quakes, Storms, Inflation, Oil prices, Depletion of Resources, Pollution Global Warming, War, Famine, Aids, Cancer, Iraq, Nuclear weapons, Russia, China the US.

Has the world always been this complex and problematic or are they just symptoms of recurring times? Did people before us feel as overwhelmed with what is going on in the world or did they have it much easier? Os is it just the fact that we have so many sources of information that we are just bombarded with it from all sides? Is the media so intent on providing us with all the information that they could possibly conceive that we have turned the world into a mass of people either making things happen, experiencing things that are happening, or hearing about it in the news and experiencing it in our minds?

Is this a good thing? Well as far as knowing things goes, well knowledge is always a good thing. But are we being duped into believing that everything we hear is all there is to be heard? How far does the so called ‘power of the media’ spread in this modern day and age? For instance, if the JFK Assassination or the Trip to the Moon or the whole Area 51 scenario took place today; would we really know the truth about these things? Consider 9/11; Bin Laden, the Iraq war and all these other conspiracies that occur today? How much hidden truth has the potential to completely overturn what we know about these things today?

Wait a minute, why is this guy only talking about things that happen in the US? I hear that little person inside your head inquire, in an okaay-I-think-we-are-dealing-with-a-conspiracy-nut-here tone of voice; but let me tell you, there is no smoke without fire, unless that smoke was created in the first place to distract everybody from whole different kind of fire burning something that never even crossed your mind and never would, provided that the smoke used as a cover gets you so high you’ll be stoned on it for centuries. And every single phenomenon described In the first paragraph, has its own hidden story behind it. It may or may not be significant, but without knowing the complete truth, we may never know.

Do you get what I am trying to say? Cover-ups and concealments happen all around us. And the media is not powerful enough yet to even claim the publicizing of the Whole Truth all the time. Anywhere there is anybody in power who has something to lose by the revelation of information; there will be a suppressing of the channels that reveal that information. And information is knowledge and knowledge, as we all know; is power therefore the media is an important tool in the distribution and decentralization of nothing less than power.

Power to the people? Well that’s a very comforting notion isn’t it? But let us not forget who controls the media. Who? You ask. The powerful that’s who. Fine, so you are saying that the media, which controls the distribution of power; being owned by the powerful, will try to control that distribution to benefit non- other than themselves?

Exactly. That is exactly what I am saying.

Any arguments on that? If you have visited this as-yet obscure blog and did read this article so far, your comments are always welcome.


kasun said...

These media people they are powerful. They have their own agendas. I agree. But how did they get powerful? It is by distributing information. Let's face it if i have a media and i want to be more powerful i will always distribute the controversial information. Maybe one or two of the things you have mentioned have conspiracies behind them. But to say that from HIV to tsunami there is a conspiracy behind them is a fantasy to me.

As Carl Sagan said 'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'.

TheWhacksteR said...

agreed. if anything an everything was a conspiracy we'd all be eventually reeling in possibility after counter possibility.

the point of my post was to express the amount of actual uncertainity that some of these phenominon possess. thing is, if we have enough people telling us something is right then we are more inclined to believe it and ignore that little voice in our heads that tell us to at least investigate the unlikely road.

i think if more of us followed these trains of thought and stayed independent of the collective mentality of the 'crowd' it'd go a long way to promote more independent human expression.

Thanks for your comment!