Hello Everybody!

Hello every body i am The Whackster. i am new to blogging and i hope to blog about anything and everything under the sphere of imagination.. my interests extend from the extremely boring and mundane to the outlandish and insane and i like bouncing ideas off peoples heads just to see what they think.

i believe the world is heading for super-conflict with the existing superpowers being increasingly challenged by previous under-dogs. and since i am pretty sure that they will not concede power quietly there is increasing likelihood to witness pockets of flourishing diplomatic discord and rebellion throughout various locations of strategic importance.

whether they will go quietly in the end or enter a roaring bloodbath i yet cannot say, but this blog will be home to my views and ideas about the world and where it is heading and more importantly a place for me to learn about your views about world events and learn from them. so i hope all of you here in the blogosphere welcome me with open arms and join me in applauding a future of freedom, equality and justice.


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